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Bbrg: India saw record $10.3bn clean energy investment in 2011

India powers onward…

Investment in India out-paces the rest of the world, thanks to the improving cost-competitiveness of wind and solar

New Delhi, London and New York, 2 February 2012 – Clean energy investments in India reached $10.3bn in 2011, some 52% higher than the $6.8bn invested in 2010. This was the highest growth figure of any significant economy in the world. There is plenty of room for further expansion - in 2011, India accounted for 4% of global investment in clean energy.

The large growth was driven by a seven-fold increase in funding for grid-connected solar projects: from $0.6bn in 2010 to $4.2bn in 2011. Solar almost reached the same level of investments as wind, which totalled $4.6bn.

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